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Agent Services Account

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We act for a number of clients for VAT.  We have set up an Agent Services Account. We want to be prepared and have tried to set up a client to lodge their VAT return using MTD without success.  We seem to have been going round in circles and have spent hours getting nowhere.  HMRC webinars, blogs and site have not been of any use.  Has anyone managed to do this successfully and if so would you like to share how you managed it? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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By lionofludesch
20th Jan 2019 09:49

The silence speaks volumes.

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By johnhemming
20th Jan 2019 10:43

I have done a lot of videos about MTD. Some are general videos that apply to MTD whoever's software (other than HMRC) that you are using. Sadly, none of them cover an agents services account per se, but they do look at Open Authorization and things like that.

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