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MTD for VAT - authorising software

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Seems an obvious question, but I cannot find the definitive answer:

Can I use my agent services account to authorise two different bits of software to submit MTD VAT returns on behalf of clients? For instance, Xero AND Quickbooks. I assume it has to be a "yes"?


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By johnhemming
22nd Oct 2019 11:18

I don't know what the limit is, but you can use one piece of software to monitor what is happening with other software.

For example, you could have QBO for one client, Xero for another and say EasyMtd for a third. All of these would be authorised on your ASA.

You could then use to monitor the vat status on QBO, Xero and EasyMtd and vat directs server would send you a weekly email with details of what is outstanding on the other vat numbers.

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By bettybobbymeggie
22nd Oct 2019 13:27

Very useful, thanks.

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