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MTD for VAT Bridging software for an Accountant?

Independently recommended user friendly and flexible MTD for VAT Bridging software for messy clients

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I would be grateful for some type of independent opinion on a recommended user friendly and flexible Making Tax Digital for VAT Bridging software for an Accountant to be able to somehow cope with his typical one man business clients who typically provide incomplete/messy/error prone “spreadsheets” (sometimes several) on excel (or OpenOffice) and who are certainly not capable of coping with the fuller/double entry etc type Accounts software?

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By BlackBriar
27th Feb 2019 11:58

There are plenty to choose from. It may depend on whether you prefer a cloud based option or a "template" download.

I've tried Taxcalc (14 day free trial) which is simple enough to use and allows entering demo data.

Most other need an active ASA.

Other cloud based options include BTC, Tax Optimiser, 1 Click Accounts & 123 Sheets (which is looking like the favourite at the minute).

Have a look through the HMRC approved list and look at each on their merits.

You'll find there aren't many "reviews" by users as that would mean enrolling in the pilot. As many are putting this off until mandation, actual hands-on reviews are rare.

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By Duggimon
27th Feb 2019 12:22

Many of us are using software now that is MTD compliant, though this is typically the full bookkeeping type of package. As bridging software is only for the purposes of MTD, and most of us are waiting until at least July to file our first MTD returns, opinions and reviews will be few and far between.

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By VitalTax
27th Feb 2019 17:06
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Replying to VitalTax:
By andy.partridge
28th Feb 2019 17:38

What is it about 'independent opinion' that you don't understand? If you want to advertise I suspect Sift would like you to pay for the privilege.

Still, here's the latest one:

'Didn't run for me :(
"Sorry, we couldn't load the add-in because Internet Explorer is disabled"'

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By urstop
28th Feb 2019 16:14

Try AccountsDesk MTD bridging solution We use their solution for our spreadsheets. Its very simple to use and their support is really good. Its free for an year and then costs about £1 a month or so.

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