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MTD for VAT service issues

Doesn't seem to be much of a problem:-

Didn't find your answer?

From here:-

So they answer:- 

1 in 10 calls within 10 minutes.

3 in 10 in more than 10 minutes

6 in 10 they don't answer at all!

HMRC would be not survive if they were a business.

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By Accountant A
03rd Jul 2019 11:34

"All of our operators are busy ignoring other calls."

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By SteveHa
03rd Jul 2019 11:45

We are beginning to see performance levels improve and aim to achieve at or around our 5-minute monthly average speed of answer target

When I worked for the Revenue the call answering target was 5 rings or 15 seconds, and that was for being answered by an actual person and not some damned machine.

My, how standards have slipped.

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By johnhemming
03rd Jul 2019 12:15

These stats are a bit meaningless as they don't really look at the situation from the caller's point of view.

60% of callers give up once or more in calling HMRC. It is not clear how much time in total they have spent on the phone before giving up. It is also not clear how many times people phone before getting through.

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By nodrogbir
03rd Jul 2019 12:43

Rubbish - I refuse to ring them as they never give you a proper answer. I just give up usually. I still have had no response to a client wishing to deregister after 11 weeks despite sending an online application and writing to them twice. I have an issue with my ASA again no reply after 9 weeks . Why can they not admit they can't cope and give us all a break from this badly thought out MTD implementation.

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