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MTD for VAT Signing up client


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I have signed up for an Agents Services Account (ASA). The relevant clients are authorised for VAT in the ASA. .In my Quickbooks I have set up making tax digital for VAT. When it came to signing up the first client for MTD for VAT via Quickbooks the message came up on the screen 'We can't connect to HMRC'.

I phoned Quickbooks and was told that the client had to have a VAT digital account for this to work. The support did not appear to be particularly clued up, so I thought I would ask. Some of my clients have never created a digital tax account because they have not needed it and didn't want one and some haven't a clue how to access it even if they have set it up.

Does this problem in the process make sense to you? Specifically does the client have to have a digital tax account (ID) for VAT for me to be able to file the MTD VAT returns? Does this 'Can't connect to HMRC' message in Quickbooks mean what the helpline told me? 

And it seemed to be going so well!

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By SXGuy
09th Aug 2019 18:40

No its rubbish. Its your asa credentials QB should be using (not your old login details)

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By Arbitrary
12th Aug 2019 13:17

SXGuy's comment.

Thank you for your post.

My particular query was whether or not I could sign the client up to MTD for VAT, my having been authorised by them in my ASA for VAT, without the client having their own digital account. I was not clear from what you said whether or not this was a requirement by HMRC. What are your views on this? My 'old login details' do not appear to come into it.

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By SteveHa
12th Aug 2019 16:06

You still need to enrol the client in MTD. Log in to your ASA, and then go to to enrol them. It can take 72 hours, but then should be available in your software.

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