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MTD for VAT - Traders Below Threshhold

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We have two remaining clients who are registered for VAT but under the registration threshhold and it was our intention to delay signing these up for MTD for VAT until 1st April 2022.

In the last two weeks we have received emails for both clients with the subjecy line "VAT Return Direct Debit: important information"

The email goes on to say "We need to give you some information after your transfer to Making Tax Digital for VAT. This transfer may have been requested by you or by someone who deals with HMRC for you"

We have contacted both clients and neither of them requested a transfer to MTD for VAT and no request was made by ourselves.

We have logged into the old VAT services account to look at the status of each client and it states they are both signed up for MTD. We then looked at the Return for Quarter to 30th September 2021 and when we click on submit a return we are booted out of HMRC services (never had that before).

The clients are showing on our agent services account for VAT for MTD - but we are unsure of the Return Status (we can't check until 1st October)

Anybody else have experience of this?

This will give us a right headache if we have to do MTD Return for current quarter.

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By lionofludesch
22nd Sep 2021 15:30

Must be half a dozen threads on this already.

The old portal's closing. Everyone is being transferred.

See earlier threads for further detail.

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By Leywood
22nd Sep 2021 15:30

Does it also state they will cancel the D/D if no email is on file?

If so, mentioned on here several times and also in notifications you should have received as agent.

The letter is lazily worded (incompetent!), doesnt mean they have been transferred to MTD. You can still process the VAT as non -MTD but will have to do so via your ASA, exact method also covered off here on several occasions.

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By SXGuy
22nd Sep 2021 17:39

If you make a mtd connection using a bridging module you'll see what open vat periods there are under mtd.

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By Duggimon
23rd Sep 2021 09:38

If you go to submit return and it asks you for login details, put in your ASA details and then on the next page the VAT number of the client you're looking at. HMRC won't have moved them to MTD without a request to do so but they've likely moved them on to your ASA. You can still file returns directly on the website though, it's just through a different interface.

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