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Came to file a clients VAT return for 30th June - they are claiming exemption. The old portal shows no VAT returns are due even though  neither the client or ourselves has signed up for MTD . When I call VAT helpline I am told they cant talk to me even though we have dealt with the clients for 20 years and when I write in to HMRC I have to either ask my MP to intervene or threaten them with court action. The last letter sent in took 102 days for HMRC to reply too. Any ideas as I am concerend HMRC might charge a penalty if the VAT is not paid plus the time one small firm are taking on this MTD initiative is getting worrying. Any constructive help ?

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
22nd Jul 2019 16:50

Clearly someone HAS signed up (unless the address has bounced and no return generated for that reason)

I would sit with your client and make the call, they can authorise you for the call.

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22nd Jul 2019 16:57

It might be an idea to double check whether the client has signed up to MTD for VAT. You can do this by using MTD for VAT software (like ours - Easy MTD VAT ( to see if you can pull the client's VAT obligations, liabilities and payments from the HMRC MTD for VAT system. If you can then they're signed up! You'd need to know your client's Government Gateway login credentials though as you'll have to grant authority to the MTD for VAT software.

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By Matrix
22nd Jul 2019 18:14

I don’t think there is anything stopping your client paying the VAT, Gordon.

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