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MTD - Registering clients after setting up ASA

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I have set up my ASA and have a blue box advising Agent Services Account created (good news!) and also confirmed a link to my 'normal' government gateway account. However, when I try to sign up clients I get a message 'you cannot use this service yet'.  As frustrating as this is I am thinking that maybe there needs to be a day between setting up the ASA and then linking the clients?  Am I right, has anyone else experienced this or have I done something terribly wrong?  Any feedback gratefully received 

TIA Carol

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By GHarr497688
17th May 2019 14:40

I think you need to register for Vat services . The way Hmrc have set it up is so complicated it’s beggars belief !

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nsa newquay
By adam kay
17th May 2019 16:03

I would expect it takes a couple of days for the link to your ASA to update before you can register them for MTD. I say this because each time we've become authorised for a new client, it won't allow us to register the client for MTD for at least a day or two.

It will also refuse MTD sign-up if the HMRC service is too busy, they submitted a VAT return within the last week, or their direct debit for VAT is due out soon. Sometimes it does it for no apparent reason but if you come back in a few days it's happy to sign them up.

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Replying to adam kay:
By Carol at TRC
18th May 2019 06:42

Thank you Adam - I had a feeling that might be the case

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