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MTD Repayment Delay

First return, first problem

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Just thought I'd share my experience so far. The sign up process for MTD has been fine, I'm glad I waited until it became mandatory and there was a bit more information on how it's put together, it actually went quite quickly and smoothly and everything looked to be working fine.

I have one client on repayment returns so on MTD return to go in in May, no more mandatory ones until July/August. Set them up in my bridging software, everything looks good, easy to file and the software showed the return as received by HMRC immediately.

Nearly two weeks later and the repayment hasn't been issued so I called the VAT helpline, they were able to confirm they did indeed receive the returnĀ on the day I sent it, so all's well there, but no repayment yet issued. Of course, as HMRC allow themselves five weeks to make the repayments, they refuse to acknowledge there even is a delay, much less offer to investigate. I'm sure my learned friends here are well aware that the typical repayment under the old system took 5-7 days to come out so this two weeks is out of the ordinary and they've said they'll do nothing for another three.

Just wanted to share as I've no doubt others will find themselves in similar situations. I'm left with nothing to do but advise the client his cash flow has an issue and he'll have to hold tight.

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By lionofludesch
24th May 2019 11:26

MTD's working really well.

Mel Stride says so.

He could be PM next month, he's done such a good job.

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