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MTD Seperate Sales Ledger from Sage

How to be compliant when using two different software

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We are currently using Sage 50 to manage both SL and PL and therefore have no complications when it comes to VAT submissions through MTD. 

It has been proposed that we will use a standalone billing/SL software to manage Invoices and receipts. The original proposal was that period totals from the billing software would be posted to Sage (single entries for each period) therefore the SL would be replicated within Sage and VAT submissions continue as normal. 
On reflection, I don't believe this would meet requirements for a digital link as the period totals taken from a report and posted by hand into Sage seems open to error. 


If the software produced a CSV which could then be uploaded in Sage 50 would this meet requirements. Additionally should that CSV contain line by line net and vat detail or could a total period value afor net and vat suffice because the detail is still a digital record albeit on another system to the system used for the digital submission. 

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By SXGuy
27th Jan 2020 12:25

Csv meets the requirements. Manual input does not.

Totals are fine providing you keep the digital records for the seperate line by line entries on your other software.

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By tom123
27th Jan 2020 13:58

I would be more worried about trying to run two systems in parallel, and keeping them aligned, personally.

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By mavis02455
30th Jan 2020 10:14

what software were you going to use for the sales
(did you have a look at vt software)
would probably be better to keep all on the same software

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By kiwilondon99
30th Jan 2020 10:43

if this is some system associated to - or integrted with -a further backend CRM [ events bookings, subscriptions, saleshire equipment] then such packages should be able to 'dynamically' output/link to sage. in sage you may just need to accept the batch but its unlikely to be 'live'

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By wrilliams
30th Jan 2020 12:51

I have the same problem using QuickBooks OnLine. Company gets sales details from 3 separate platforms. Previously used to just take the monthly totals and enter into QBO. Now have to download CSVs for all entries - but these come in different formats. So I then have to copy and paste details into a different CSV to get them to fit the QBO input function to record all individual sales.

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30th Jan 2020 14:01

Simple: export from your CRM the sales to a csv file, then use the import facility in Sage to import sales.

You then have all sales in Sage without any manual data input. You will just have to manually move and delete some columns, but that is fine, you haven't added any manual data entry.

That whole process should take about 10 mins per import.

You will need to ensure that in both systems the customer accounts have exactly the same name/reference, so they import one to the other and the VAT is split out. You'll need an upload template you can design yourself, with the correct VAT Sage code (T0, T1, T9 etc) that you can use a formula to populate.

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