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MTD software - change phone number

We want to change the phone number used to grant MTD authority to software

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Granting authority to our software is easy, but tedious. We have to do it for every client, and repeat the process if we want to use a different computer to submit a VAT return.

We now realise that the office land line is not a good option for receiving the 6 digit code from HMRC. But I can't find out how to change the number. 

Any advice?

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By Duggimon
23rd Aug 2019 13:47

You have to call HMRC and get them to remove the number associated with the account, then log in again and set it up.

You can create different users under your ASA so each of your staff has a different number to receive codes on. You have to edit your clients on the client list to give the new accounts access but it does alleviate some of the headaches once you've set it up.

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By johnhemming
23rd Aug 2019 14:11

In practice it is possible to grant authority once for each MTD supplier. That should only have to be done every 18 months.

It does work. If it is not working then there is something wrong. There is, of course, a danger if you are using for example an excel spreadsheet on different computers then it is possible that each implementation of the software maintains its own tokens. Hence you will end up having this problem. What you could do is to get say cloud bridging software as well and use that where possible. Cloud bridging software won't have that problem.

Alternatively you need to do all the submissions from a single computer.

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