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Any useful advise on MTD Software choices

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Looking at 123sheets software, anyone had any experiences so far? Currently working with SAGE 50 v24



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17th Jun 2019 15:15

Stick with Sage or Xero . They comply in every way and have the backup and compliance covered . Many of the other may not be around in six months !!

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to GHarr497688
17th Jun 2019 15:26

Unfortunately, this would involve a new subscription and it is not an option, thank you for your input anyhow

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to puzzledcat
17th Jun 2019 16:45

I’ve not been asked for a new subscription .

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17th Jun 2019 16:36

Currently using 123sheets - agent licence - for 6 clients: 2 who have only spreadsheet records, other 4 who use DOS based bookkeeping software.
Dead easy to use for all steps, linking to ASA, file uploads, support are also helpful with queries.
Can't comment on the single business licence, but it is likely to be just as straightforward to use.

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17th Jun 2019 17:16

A point I have made before is that people don't have to use only one MTD implementation. There are advantages to using more than one not least that you can be clearer as to the provenance of problems.

Some systems work in different ways to others.

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17th Jun 2019 17:22

I'll chip in with a recommendation for our own software, Easy MTD VAT ( because it works in a different way to 123 Sheets that you and others may prefer.

Unlike 123 Sheets, Easy MTD VAT doesn't require a new Excel worksheet to be integrated into the Excel file where your business records are held. Instead, you specify within Easy MTD VAT where in your Excel spreadsheet your 9 VAT figures appear. You then import the figures into Easy MTD VAT then click a Submit button to send them to HMRC.

Easy MTD VAT can also be used to view the VAT obligations, liabilities and payments held by HMRC, and it is compatible with CSV files.

The payment model is different to 123 Sheets which may suit certain users. Instead of purchasing an annual licence you simply purchase tokens for submitting VAT returns. 1 token = 1 VAT return submission. We even give you your first token for free so you can try the software without cost or obligation.

Easy MTD VAT is suitable for individual businesses and agents, both of which have access to free and unlimited support.

Whether you choose 123 Sheets or Easy MTD VAT, the results are the same (as both use HMRC's MTD for VAT API), and both mean you do not have to change your existing mechanism for recording your business records.

Remember, it is permissible to use multiple MTD for VAT solutions, so if you have already tried 123 Sheets and would like to try Easy MTD VAT (or vice versa) then you can do so.

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