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MTD Software for Amazon & Ebay Seller

Can anyone recommend a software that can download transactions from Amazon Seller Central?

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My client makes numerous sales each week via Amazon, and I would like a software to download the transactions into.There are just to many to enter manually.

Does anyone already do this?

Thank you 

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19th Jul 2019 10:55

I suspect there is an option to export the Amazon sales data to a CSV or an Excel spreadsheet. From there you could feed the data into an accounts package or another spreadsheet where your client's sales and expenses and box figures reside.

If the data ends up in an Excel spreadsheet then use bridging software like ours - Easy MTD VAT ( - to submit an associated return to HMRC.

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By Platta
25th Jul 2019 11:12

We are using a product called A2X - which exports summary directly to the accounting software (Xero). It works fairly well, although one has to do some tweaks to make sure the data all ends up in the right place, with correct Vat etc.

My be worth a look - I am not sure if if will also do direct data dump to exel, or if it also links to other accounting software.

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By coolmanwithbeard
25th Jul 2019 14:51

There are also apps (in the QB Apps area) that will run with QB online to integrate Amazon sales directly into QB.

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25th Jul 2019 17:00

Try Simply Accounts Cash Book version - set up 'bank accounts' for Amazon and Ebay - import csv transactions.

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By [email protected]
26th Jul 2019 11:00

Have a few clients using us to smart upload these transactions, control the postings, all digital link ready.

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