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MTD software required for one time use

Our company used Sage 200 and we are having problems submitting to HMRC so I need one time use only

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Hi all

Our company has finalised the VAT return on Sage 200 but we are unable to file it to HMRC due to error with Sage 200, which we are trying to resolve.

We must file the return on time so please can someone reccommend a really simple and easy to use software, where I can just put in the figures in each box and submit the return.

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By rmillaree
06th May 2020 20:03

I havent used it for a submissions but the Easy Vat MTD is a nifty little program that i have used to verify submission info and it looks like they deliver what they promise on the tin. Prices start at £4.99 probably not the chepest but not exactly rip off. As zarar has mentioned you will need to import csv/excel sheet of data.

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By bettybobbymeggie
07th May 2020 09:49

Vitaltax for excel bridging. Great, simple, software....and has a sage template designed to be compatible with the format of Sage VAT exports.

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By klytus
07th May 2020 13:00

Are you sure the problem is with your Sage 200 software? I'm having the same problem, using VT. I've been getting an 'internal server error' message for over a week now, each time I've tried to file a client's VAT return . I've also had the 'Sorry, we're experiencing technical difficulties - please try again in a few minutes' when trying to sign in to my Agent Services Account for the duration. It's being looked at by HMRC online services who say it's an issue with Live Services that they're aware of, and are trying to fix as quickly as possible. Likewise, I've got a midnight deadline for this VAT return...

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By tom123
07th May 2020 13:33

I use tax optimiser

(and have an old version of Sage 200 as it happens).

Intend to keep using it for the foreseeable, as I cannot upgrade S200 at this time.

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