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MTD submission question (123 sheets)

123 sheets MTD query

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A client poses a query I can't answer.  He uses Excel 2007.  He is proposing to use the 123 Sheets Bridging software for his next VAT Return.  Before he finally registers with HMRC (and disables the old VAT portal - thereby burning his boats of course), he is 'practising' with the 123sheets VAT Return template.  Apparently when he attempts to save his (practice) worksheet (using the 'save as' function) he is consistently getting a pop-up called the 'Microsoft Excel Compatability Checker'.  He can still save the worksheet but is worried whether the appearance of this pop-up will compromise his subsequent ability to upload the worksheet and submit it. To be honest - I have no idea.  Any thoughts?

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17th Oct 2019 12:27

I suspect the reason why the "Microsoft Excel Compatibility Checker" is appearing is because your client is saving the spreadsheet with content that may not be compatible with older versions of Excel. It is merely a warning to indicate this and if your client has no intention of opening the spreadsheet in an older incarnation of Excel then they shouldn't be concerned. I believe you can turn off the compatibility check somewhere in Excel's settings.

The use of 123 sheets bridging software shouldn't be affected by the warning (as it is likely content required by 123 sheets causing it) but if it is then point your client in the direction of our bridging software - Easy MTD VAT ( Your client can use their existing Excel spreadsheets with this solution and they will not need to rely on (or practice with) a spreadsheet template like 123 sheets appears to require.

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By SXGuy
17th Oct 2019 12:30

hes saving it as an old excel file extension is my guess, and it needs to be the new one.
Tell him to just install the latest version and be done with it.

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17th Oct 2019 16:19

I would suggest contacting their support, they always answer promptly and haven't yet been stumped on any questions we have sent them.

I would suggest just to upload the file and just see if it works. If it doesn't work, contact support, if it does, you will be shown the figures on screen before you submit so you'd know if it had worked or not before the final submission.

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17th Oct 2019 16:23

Here is their link to do a dummy submission for practicing purposes:

Click on the "File Return", upload their spreadsheet and see if the figures appear correctly on screen for filing, and click on the "Submit" button.

Nothing will go to HMRC on this demo version, but it will check the spread sheet is ok for submission.

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Replying to NewACA:
By John Stone
17th Oct 2019 16:54

Thanks NewACA. That is very helpful.

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