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MTD - Treasury Select Committee

MTD gets yet another slating

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I see MTD got another outing in Parliament the other day.  Marting McTague of the FSB told the Treasury Committee that we are literally weeks away from a very serious problem for lots of businesses.  He could have been talking about Brexit of course - but he meant MTD.  He said that not all the 'hard copy' letters to taxpayers about the introduction of MTD had been sent out yet.  Anita Monteith of the ICAEW was also less than complimentary.  HMRC has been too distracted by Brexit and was sleepwalking into a crisis. 

Of course - none of this ever seems to do any good - but HMRC can hardly say they haven't been warned.

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By DaveyJonesLocker
08th Feb 2019 08:26

A lot of my VAT clients haven't had a thing from HMRC, a total farce.

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