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MTD VAT client transfer

best way to transfer a MTD client across

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Hi all,

I recently signed up a client who was registered for MTD VAT with his previous accountant. The client doesn't have her own Business Tax Account GG and used the MTD ASA credentials to file VAT. 

Now the company moved over to me and I sent them the link via my ASA account to authorise me as their agent. Since the company didn't have their own GG, we first created it and attempted to add VAT as their Business tax. The system said that the VAT reference we used already has MTD enabled and is linked to a different GG (the previous accountant's) so it can't be added as a tax here. 

The previous accountant told me she removed the client from her list of VAT MTD clients on her ASA account. What can the client do to add MTD VAT as their tax please? 

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By SXGuy
24th Feb 2021 07:11

That doesn't sound right. The client should still be able to link the vat to their own gg account and authorise you.

New client recently same position as you, prev accountant filing under mtd.

All I had to do was email him the link to authorise me and it was done.

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