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MTD VAT filing issues - Agent Services Account

Recomendations for bridging software - MTD compliant for VAT returns

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So we are now about to file the 1st VAT returns under MTD and having issues.

In Quickbooks, whereby the Client is on our ASA, we are unable to submit VAT returns.  I believe QB have been experiencing difficulties for some time and this is still not resolved! I have identified a way around this if we have our Client's own login but for those we haven't, we have problems!  Some of these Client's do not know their login details and time is running out to sort this!

We are also using (well trying to) IRIS VAT filer for bridging software.  Again we are having issues with this and unable to file.

This is leaving us with major issues as we have numerous VAT returns that we are unable to submit.

Is there any other bridging software out there that anyone can recommend that has been proven to be working perfectly fine alongside the ASA?

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By SteLacca
01st Aug 2019 13:27

You're having problems with two separate and disparate solutions? What makes you think a third would be any better. You need to be identifying why your existing software is failing.

For the record, IRIS VAT Filer is working just fine, here.

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By johnhemming
01st Aug 2019 09:47

If you want me to help you with this today I can do so [email protected]

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01st Aug 2019 16:17

Have they actually signed up for MTD. If not you will experience problems filing.
If they don't know their log in details then I would suggest they haven't been able to sign up.
You could try setting them up with a new GG account - it might be that they never had one in the first place.
This doesn't sound like a software issue to me.

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Replying to SJRUK:
By johnhemming
01st Aug 2019 16:22

I did offer to help, but I have gone to the dentist now and hence gone home after that and they have not emailed me. I don't like doing phone calls from home as I prefer to use either my headset on a landline or a support system I have written which uses browsers to do phone calls. The headsets for both of those are in my office.

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02nd Aug 2019 10:26

Hi MizzJulie,

I can recommend our own MTD bridging software - Easy MTD VAT ( It is straightforward to use (the video on the above web page demonstrates this) and we have many happy customers (ASA users and individual businesses) who use it to get their Excel and CSV VAT figures submitted to HMRC.

When you sign up for an account on the Easy MTD VAT website you get a complimentary submission token (1 token allows you to submit 1 VAT return) so your first submission is free.

We also provide comprehensive support and have many knowledgebase articles that will help you resolve some of the more common issues presented by HMRC's MTD system!

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By MizzJulie
02nd Aug 2019 11:32

Issue now resolved.

Thanks to all who commented

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