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MTD VAT return submission

Submission receipt ref?

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Submitted first VAT return using VAT filer. The acknowledgement reference that the software generated is different in format compared to when submitting directly through the portal. The reference generated is a 14 character compared to 32 character ref which used to appear on the old returns.  Are the format of the references different for MTD submissions?

Its been approx 24 hours since the return was submitted but it hasn't appeared in "view submitted returns" on the website yet. How long does it take for the  return to appear on the HMRC website? 



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02nd Apr 2019 15:57

Should be live, does the software have any of the access points to retrieve information? You should be able to see previous returns, outstanding etc. if so for peace of mind! If not call HMRC quoting that reference and they'll be able to confirm. Thanks

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