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Are your MTD VAT submissions showing up on Online Services?

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We've just submitted our first few VAT Returns via IRIS VAT Filer - we used to use our Online Services account or Kashflow to submit.  Submitted Returns have always previously shown up on Online Services, but these ones via VAT Filer aren't showing at all.  Even though they are clearly successfully submitted - they have an IR mark etc.  Can anyone shine any light?   

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By GMacK
25th Jul 2019 12:34

I submitted through VT+ and got a submission receipt. I can't trust it, this is my first MTD submission. Like you, no sign of the submitted return, which I therefore cannot print to give to the client. As it is now an MTD client, I can't check to see if the June return is still outstanding.

So I called HMRC, who kindly confirmed the return had been received. I asked if there was any other way of confirming. No, there is not. I said "I expect you are getting a lot of calls". "Yes".

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Replying to GMacK:
25th Jul 2019 13:19

You can copy the VT confirmation and paste into a word document to print off

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25th Jul 2019 12:47

You can use a number of MTD for VAT software solutions (for free) - like our own Easy MTD VAT ( - to view your fulfilled obligations. If your previous open obligation has become a fulfilled obligation then it has been submitted to HMRC successfully.

It is quite acceptable to grant authority to multiple MTD for VAT software solutions.

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Replying to EasyMTDVAT:
By vtsoftware
25th Jul 2019 13:31

No need for VTT+ users to download another program. Just choose 'View HMRC's List Of Your VAT Returns' in VTT+ or VT MTD For Excel.

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The triggle is a distant cousin of the squonk (pictured)
By Triggle
25th Jul 2019 13:56

What tax software are you using for filing self-assessment and Corporation Tax returns?

After asking a similar question to this last week I was made to realise that Taxfiler, which I use and am paying for anyway, will show your MTD for VAT obligations, all of the figures filed and the payments made by the client.

I expect that most, if not all, tax packages can do this and here is a list of all of the one's available and the list can be filtered to show just the software that provides the features that you require.

If you do use Taxfiler and are stuck on how you link that to your ASA please ask and I will tell you although there is plenty of advice online as to how to achieve this.

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