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MTD (yet again)

What happens after the ASA bit?

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So, I've set up the ASA after a bit of prevarication.

I also seem to have linked / copied my clients across (the message on screen told me I had copied XXX client relationships (I haven't bothered to check the accuracy of the number).

What happens next?

Is it still the case that these client relationships don't show in the ASA (that's the impression I have gathered from all the threads on Aweb but I also thought I had read somewhere that this aspect was being updated so that we could see them)?

Per the Revenue's sign up guidance, the next step seems to be to sign up the clients and this seems to be via the ASA: have I got all that right? Because I can't see anything in the ASA yet that links to that process, or does that only appear once the clients have been copied, presumably in a day or two?

And what happens after that? Is it a case of getting some MTD software, authorising it and then adding the clients? And then what? Do we actually get to start doing some real work and submitting returns?

Many apologies for all the gormless questions. For some reason and even though I seem to have read all the guidance, I'm having great difficulty making any of this stick (I must be going prematurely senile) and would be very grateful for any information putting me on the right track.


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By GHarr497688
16th Jul 2019 20:44

You have to puzzle round loads of different links - no idea why the ASA looks exactly the same as the old gateway with old VAT leaflets shown - seems crazy. So you have linked the clients - you have to now follow a link outside of the ASA account and then I think the client gets an email to authorise you - they have to click on that link . You then go to the enabled MTD software and authorise that as well. I am sure you can then file returns under MTD. The process seems over complicated for no reason but it works.

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By kathyfez
16th Jul 2019 20:47

Hi I must admit I would like help with this too, I have signed up and got a service agent account and have linked clients to it, I have authorised vt software to hmrc and have copied the authorisation code received, what happens next. Sorry but I am abit lost now. Thank you to anyone who can help.

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By Matrix
16th Jul 2019 22:27

Go down the page below to Sign up your client and login to your ASA and follow the instructions. It takes seconds.

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By 2003bluecat
17th Jul 2019 09:27

Just to add I believe the clients only get an email to authorise you if they are not already on your old school government log in.

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By Jackie in Wiltshire
17th Jul 2019 10:27

I signed up my first client yesterday through the ASA. You have to select "Ask a client to authorise you ". (I have pointed out to HMRC that in my mind that does not mean the same as signing up a client for MTD and that they should change the wording). After a couple of emails with links to click, and "send your application" you'll get a screen message to say it has been received. The confirmation email to me came this morning " You've signed up your client for MTD for VAT" which just gives their VAT number, no name. I have yet to tackle the MTD software bit. You have to sign up each client individually.

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Replying to Jackie in Wiltshire:
By johnhemming
19th Jul 2019 16:03

If you need the name of a business from a vat number use vies.

(This service will not work for the UK if we have a no-deal brexit)

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19th Jul 2019 14:39

I'll chip in by answering the "And what happens after that?" part of the question...

1. Find a suitable MTD for VAT solution that matches the VAT data you have. If you use an accounting package then that likely has MTD for VAT capability built in. If the VAT data is in a spreadsheet such as Excel or in a CSV file then you'll need to use bridging software. You can use our own bridging software - Easy MTD VAT ( - or trawl though the numerous solutions on here (but good luck with that minefield)...

2. No matter what MTD for VAT solution you use, you'll have to grant authority for it to communicate with HMRC. Easy MTD VAT has a simple Authority button that starts this process.

3. You can now retrieve the VAT data HMRC hold for your business or your client. It is the Open Obligations you are looking for as these are the outstanding VAT returns you must submit to HMRC. In Easy MTD VAT you simply select an Open Obligation then begin the submission process. This involves selecting your Excel spreadsheet (or CSV), specifying where in the spreadsheet the 9 box figures appear, importing them then agreeing to some HMRC blurb prior to submitting the figures to HMRC.

What you need to be made aware of (no matter what MTD for VAT solution you use), is that the 9 box figures have to be in a certain format. Box 1 to 5 = 2 decimal places. Box 6 to 9 = 0 decimal places. Just like the old HMRC submission portal!

Good luck and if you come unstuck, please feel free to contact us for help.

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