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MTS ASA account problems

Going round in circles with ASA for MTD as not VAT registered myself

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Hi guys
I am going round in circles today - set up new GG for MTD VAT Agent account but then it's asking for me to request a VAT Reference code as my practice is not VAT registered. Is this correct? Never had to do this with my current one?

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nsa newquay
By adam kay
24th May 2019 16:24

Hi, we are not VAT registered and didn't have this problem when we set up our ASA. The set up was very straightforward. Might be worth contacting the HMRC MTD guys to check whether yours has somehow been set up as a VAT registered agent by mistake? They've been quite helpful when we contacted them in the past.

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Replying to adam kay:
By MaggieRussell
24th May 2019 17:05

Thanks - just tried to contact them and the automated line cut me off saying all their advisors were busy.
I know another bookkeeper who is having the same problem so at least it's not just me.
I already have an ASA which I have been using successfully for VAT returns for the last 2 years - it's so frustrating

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