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Multiple Employer HMRC Basic Paye Tools

Multiple Employer HMRC Basic Paye Tools

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I have a client and all RTI are submitted from Quickbooks Standard Payroll package. Client is also a CIS sub-contractor. I want to report CIS suffered from Basic Paye Tools. I already have 1 employer on Basic Paye Tools, when i add this CIS employer it gives me following error.

Internal error: The requested page cannot be found. Please return to the Basic PAYE Tools homepage and follow the relevant link to the section you require.

Also, when I log in Basic Paye Tools again it shows a pop up appears that a tax year already exists for the employer I want to add.

It means employer was added in employer list?

If it was added, then why it’s not displayed in employer list?

When i open Basic Paye Tools it opens in internet explorer rather than as a software.

Feedback will be appreciated.


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By spilly
03rd May 2020 08:25

There is no need to post this question under Anonymous as does not contain any sensitive information.
Many on here have a policy of not responding to anonymous postings, myself included.

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Replying to spilly:
03rd May 2020 23:04

Amended. Thanks for your input.

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