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Multiple monitors & BTC

BTC screen resolution issue

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I use a laptop (Dell XPS15 i7) with 3 external monitors via a Dell Display Link D3100, the normal (recommended) resolution is 3840x2160. When I unplug the monitors and take my laptop away to use on its own, BTC always opens in a miniscule size with text and windows virtually too small to read. All other software works fine and resolutions adjust automatically. I then have to play around with the resolution, sign out from windows (10), and restart the computer. Eventually after a few attempts BTC may open in the correct size window, or sometimes it doesn't until I plug the external monitors in again, there seems to be no consistency to the solution.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or know a work-around? I've spoken with BTC who say that it's a display setting problem with my laptop so they're unable to help. It's strange that its only BTC software that has the problem.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
08th Sep 2016 13:41

I guess you have checked that you have the latest graphics drivers installed.

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