Multiple receipt of Emails

Multiple receipt of Emails

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We use small business server 2003 with Microsoft exchange.

For a number of months we have been receiving multiple copies of emails. When the email is directed to two or more people in the company then each person receives that email the number of times it was sent to people in the company. Therefore an email addressed to Fred@; John@; Sally@ will be recorded three times in each persons inbox !

We have tried our external computer consultants and they blame a windows auto update for the problem.

If it is a Windows generated problem I assume many of you will have had the same problem.

Does anybody have a solution ?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Gary Taylor

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By Stewart Twynham
17th May 2007 23:50

Re: Multiple emails
Hi Gary,

If you use a single POP3 account at your ISP rather than SMTP, it sounds like this old chestnut:;EN-US;264249

Basically, an email addressed to Fred@; John@; Sally@ can be split by your ISP into three different messages (each with the same list of recipients), and when Exchange comes to download the email it will send each of the three messages to each of the three recipients.

Your ISP should be able to resolve this. Does that help?


Stewart Twynham
Bawden Quinn Associates

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