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My husband works for me as an practice manager.

We share the same accountant

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However I am unhappy in our marriage, suspect him of past affairs and foind him domineering and controlling. I am stuck and wonder if a first step  would be to get a new accountant rather than sharing his. I would like to sell the business but at present support him ( and 2 adult  children living at home) financially. Any advice.

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By Accountant A
15th Jun 2020 20:48


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By Calculatorboy
16th Apr 2020 00:38

You need independent legal advice ,

Your present accountant if he is a member of a recognised professional body should tell you if there is a conflict of interests

Divorce is really complicated but if it's a long marriage with children , Its equalization of assets and of income .

The main income earner might be able to avoid ongoing maintenance as a "clean break" by accepting less than 50% assets , maybe between 1/4 and 1/3rd total marital assets but are then free not to pay maintenance

This is just not legal advice

hope it works out

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By Matrix
16th Apr 2020 07:09

Does he own shares in the business?

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