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Myworkpapers - experiences?

Anybody used myworkpapers

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Has anybody used myworkpapers (previously AuditFlow) in respect of Limited Company, charity and Solicitors? Mainly solicitors. It's for a 1 person practice and I'm just weighing up whether to stick with the standard Mercia manuals/checklists or to move into the paperless era of auditing. The workflow aspect in terms of partner review and comments etc wouldn't really be applicable to me.

In terms of practicalities, I'm also wondering how long it would all take referencing (and scanning) invoices, photocopies and things paperlessly, compared to a normal quick and simple reference on a paper file. Currently for normal smallish accounts jobs I'm paperless, but for bigger clients and audits I prepare a paper file and then scan everything in at the end to archive it all away.

Any experiences, suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


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20th Jul 2017 21:05

Personally, I couldn't be bothered scanning papers in.

I'd rather punch two holes and file the paper.

But - if it floats your boat.......

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to lionofludesch
20th Jul 2017 21:38

Thanks Lion, that was also my natural reaction, but it seems a sensible time to consider all options.

It doesn't float my boat particularly, that's the issue, scanning and referencing individual files into the package (no matter how easy they have made it) is a pain, but if there are other time savings, for example the online tick-boxes will mean that I don't need to spend an hour writing 'Not applicable' hundreds of times throughout the file, or helps me avoid doing some audit work where I didn't strictly need to, then it may offset each other.

I must admit that some parts of audits really test me so perhaps I'm looking for a magical solution, when there isn't really one.

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