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Name on Excel

Bit confused how to change it!

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Hi all

It has been pointed out to my partner (who is also an accountant in case that affects whether you respond :p) by their colleagues that the Excel documents they have worked on are marked as created/edited by... well, it’s the first 5 letters in their email address, and let’s just say that taken out of context they look odd...

I’ve tried to fix things, but can’t see how... 

To illustrate, their Windows login profile has their name (let’s say Sam Dickson) and their login email (let’s say [email protected]), but Excel only uses the first 5 letters of the email address and while the example above isn’t the actual email, it’s the same issue...

Is there a way to make it so when they save it logs them as ‘Sam’ or something like that?


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By paul.benny
12th Apr 2020 18:37

Try File-> options -> General
User name is about half way down; you may need to tick the box for "Always use these values..."

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