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Nasty experience on HMRC agent online now resolved

Nasty surprise when logging in to HMRC agent's portal - no data except my personal data!

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Just wanted to relate this experience in case others find themselves in a similar situation (or have already gone through same).

I logged into my agent's portal (the old one) and all my HMRC services and client data had disappeared. Spoke to HMRC helpdesk and was directed to raise a support query using the "Get help with this page" at the bottom of the sign-in page.  Fair dues to the HMRC online support team, I got a reply within 1 hr asking for some further details. When I then logged in to get these details, I found my services and client data there as before (BIG sigh of relief!). 

Not sure whether it was my fault logging in somewhere I shouldn't have (unlikely as I access the portal daily) or just pure divine intervention, I just wanted to relate this for anyone who comes across a similar experience.

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By Wanderer
18th Oct 2019 15:39

You've used the 'wrong' link to log in. They all look the same with no obvious way of telling them apart.

Probably used the link for your new MTD account but your 'old' log in details.

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