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National insurance

I have a client with employment income £80k and self employed income of £22k. Am I right in thinking class 2 will not be due and class 4 charged at 2%. My software calculates it at the 9%, do I need to manually amend this through my software, if that’s even possible?! 


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24th Jan 2018 07:44

You probably need to enter the Class 1 NIC paid into the tax return.

Depends what software you're using. It might have helped if you'd said.

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24th Jan 2018 09:49

Check the client HMRC record for NI contributions in "Information to help you complete your return" and enter the Class 1 figure in your software. The calculation to adjust Class 4 for Class 1 should then be made automatically.

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24th Jan 2018 11:40

Class 2 will still be due

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