Need a CIMA Continuity Partner

CIMA Continuity Partner

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I am a CIMA registered member and as part of application to be a member in practice I need a Continuity Partner.  Anyone willing to become mine.  I am happy to become someone else's too.

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By Cylhia66
22nd Apr 2024 05:36

From what I understand it would probbaly be wise to find someone local to you. It makes sense to ensure your clients habits aren't disturbed too much if someone else must suddenly handle their tax affairs.

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By tracyannw
22nd Apr 2024 13:09

Where are you based? I am in Scotland if that helps?

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22nd Apr 2024 13:53

Where do you based?

Please drop me an email to [email protected].


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By [email protected]
19th May 2024 23:10

Thanks for your comments, however no one has replied to my messages, so I am still looking for a partner.

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