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Need a new Accounts package...but which?

Need a new Accounts package...but which?


Is there a good comparison of currently available accounts packages available anywhere? I'm sure somebody else has already done the piece of work that I'm trying to avoid :-)

To upgrade our current accounts pacakge is going to be so onerous, we've decided to look at what else is available.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to investigate/avoid? Thanks,


£10m turnover
20,000 invoices per year
7 HQ staff who will need access to the system
7 Area Sales Manager


- an integrated barcode scanning system that can be used for stock control
- multiple warehouses: there is actually only one physical warehouse, but demo and loan stock is allocated against a further 7 warehouse designations, one for each salesman
- add photos against Stock items
- data import facility (from existing system)
- an open database structure (preferably MS SQL), that can be interrogated by our Management Accounts Reporting tool


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21st Nov 2012 10:24

Which package are you currently using?

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21st Nov 2012 11:20

Specification and budget

Hi Medici

There will be systems which can address most such situations however;

The starting point for you should be a detailed system specification for each department which would or could utilise a new system (accounts & finance, purchasing, sales, stock and warehouses etc.).

This should highlight specific functions that are required such as multi currency, individual customer price matrices, quantity price breaks, sales/client relationship management (CRM), bills of materials, back flushing of high volume parts or components, parts traceability and so on.

Your budget for a system will determine whether you can afford all the required functionality depending on the complexity of 'necessary' functions.

Once you have the detailed specification prepared, I suggest inviting 3 to 4 suppliers (after asking for ball park figures for elimination) and taking things from there.

We offer guidance to businesses who are in your situation and who may not have much experience of undertaking projects such as this.

If you need any advice or assistance, please do pm me.

Martin Lea

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21st Nov 2012 14:32

I've said it before and I'll say it again!

After a poor start EXACT Globe is (or was four years ago) an excellent product that covers all your requirements (I think, ? photos).  We too used to run virtual warehouses.

It's main USP is that ALL transaction data is held in just ONE table in the database, each record carrying EVERYTHING that peratins to it, so extracting data is a doddle.  It also has an excellent Excel addin to make life even easier.  As with any software it takes a bit of getting used-to but once up and running is a breeze.

I have no connection with Exact except as a past user (moved companies).

P.S.  Having since had the pleasure of several other mid-range offerings most of my critiscisms of Exact faded away!


P.P.S.  Just to give you an idea, we used to run an inventory of 60+k items without any problems, incl. assembled items.

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21st Nov 2012 13:56

agree with Martin

I agree with Martin Lea above, you need to be clear of exactly what you want from the replacement package.  Once you have a complete list it is much easier to gain a comparison from suppliers of what they can supply out-of-the-box and what needs customising.

When it comes to budget you can then work out the 'must haves' and the 'nice to haves'.

We work with many companies of your size, and have barcode scanning, multiple warehousing, the ability to add photos and descriptions to stock items, traceability, one-click export to Excel, Word, or PDF, data import etc all based on a SQL database structure.  My.N can be delivered via a desktop application, over the web, or a combination of both depending on your requirements.  Prices for an ERP system start from £1495 per user.

For further information, please pm me or call 01792 818177.

Good luck in your search.

Claire Gosby
Accounting Office Software Ltd

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:23

I agree with Martin - the


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22nd Nov 2012 12:26


Eurorealm Eadis.NET Software.

Used by us, similar size and requirements.

Fully modified to our exact requirements by Eurorealm. (And we were fussy) Sensible price!!

Eurorealm on 0118 973 2977 Contact Neil Willby


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06th Dec 2012 14:45

We can help


Hello Medici, Having read your requirements my company, Eureka Solutions, should be able to assist.  We offer a choice of solutions and have many years' experience of dealing with organisation of your size and industry. Please feel free to call me on 01355 581 960 or email [email protected], and I will be happy to offer advice. Kind regards,  Euan Harris, Digital Marketing Manager, Eureka Solutions  

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By Alf
23rd Nov 2012 09:49

Very detailed list of requirements

I work for a property company and recently switched packages only to find that while the new package gave me the improvements that I wanted, it was inferior to the old package in many areas that I had assumed would be similar between the 2 packages. So much so that I am considering changing again.

My point is that even though your current package may have shortcomings don't ASSUME that your new package will have all your existing functionality + more. Make a VERY detailed list of EVERYTHING that you need your package to do and HOW you want it to do it (eg is amending an entry a simple double-click or do you need to delete it and re-enter it etc).

Use this detailed list to compare the contenders.

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23rd Nov 2012 11:51

Sounds like our typical Customer's Requirements


All good advice already given. As said before produce a list of key requirements and processes per department. I always feel first stage should be bullet points so critical requirements are not lost in the detail. Send that out to a selection of potential offerings (found as you are doing by looking for recommendations). Select say four from the responses then start looking at those in detail.

From the brief outline you have given we have many customers similar. Please look at our website (don’t want to do a sales pitch on here), there are a number of downloads that you might find usefully in producing your initial requirements document and also advice on choosing ERP software.

If I can be of help further please email me on [email protected]

Duncan Harris
Lakeview Computers Ltd

PS Whatever system you choose no matter who recommends it make sure you speak to and visit a number of companies who use it that are similar to you. Good luck.

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24th Nov 2012 05:42

Data Migration to New System

Martin has offered  an excellent brief on steps to be taken when choosing of a new package system for your co.  To me I will certainly be most concerned about  whether the new system could undertake  the process of data migration from existing system to new system? It will be a daunting task to re-key in existing data to the new system! 

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25th Nov 2012 19:07

Data migration

Be aware - I doubt that ANY software company will own up that this will be a problem; after all it could/would be the kiss of death to their chances.  More likely they will try to achieve it, fail, and then you will end up re-keying the data OR using the history from your old system whie building up history in the new one (not necessariy a totally bad solution, depending how reporting is achieved).

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06th Dec 2012 14:29

Integrated business management system including accounts

Hi Medici

We agree it would be best to define detailed requirements and shortlist contenders that obviously meet them for further investigation.

But, from the Company Profile and Critical System Requirements, on the face of it, our Business Management System, Khaos Control, would meet your needs. It's all developed here in the UK solely for the UK distribution market, it's vey well featured and includes integrated financial accounts too.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for an initial no-obligation discussion and/or have a browse around our web site at


Paul Broderick, Business Development Manager

Keystone Software Development Ltd, Grantham, Lincs, UK

Tel: 0845 25 75 111 and choose option 2.

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11th Dec 2012 13:34

Advanced Business Solutrions - OpenAccounts and OpenLogistix

Hi Medici,

I hope you found the article by John Stokdyk and Rachael Power beneficial. You'll notice that Advanced Business Solutions' OpenAccounts integrated with OpenLogistix was mentioned as an option for you.

If you'd like to discuss this further, we welcome you getting in touch with us at [email protected] or by calling us on 0845 160 6162.

Many thanks

Liz Ebbrell

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By Medici
11th Dec 2012 21:01


Dear All,

Thankyou all so much for taking the time to post your advice and suggestions (and contact deatils :-)

I will contact all the vendors mentioned, and take on board all advice, some of which I sensed had been very hard-learned!

Thanks again,


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