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Need Accountant to send IYA form

Can I ask my accountant to send an IYA form to HMRC?

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I work freelance in television. Since August of last year I have experienced such a slow down that I had to make a claim for Universal Credit in November. However the amount of money I receive is leaving me penniless to the point where I had to turn to a food bank last week and I believe if the rent is not paid by the end of this month I will be homeless. The reason for the small amount I receive from Universal Credit is HMRC is telling the DWP that I receive a wage of £833 per month from my limited company which I'm not.

I contacted HMRC and they advised me to tell my accountant to send an IYA form. My accountant, who's fee I have been unable to pay due to lack of work, has not replied to my emails. Without the IYA form I am going to be left destitute. I emailed and had no reply. I understand the fee must be paid but if I don't have a home to look for work from how will I clear my debts?

Thanks and sorry for taking up your time.

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By andy.partridge
11th Feb 2019 13:19

This is not something that can be done 'overnight'. A reputable accountant needs to establish the facts of the case and this will entail communicating with your current accountant who will have valuable information to hand over.

Furthermore, a new accountant will need to go through protocols before they engage you including establishing your identity and compliance with money laundering regulations.

If you thought it was merely a case of a 2 minute job to get an accountant to sign a document you are sadly mistaken.

Your situation sounds urgent. Forget emails. Pick up the phone or pay your accountant a visit to see if you can come to some arrangement.

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By Accountant A
11th Feb 2019 13:19

Your best bet is your local Citizens' Advice.

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By Patshull18
11th Feb 2019 13:29

No fee equals no service,simple.

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By Matrix
11th Feb 2019 13:30

I assume you mean the accountant has to file an EYU removing the pay. This is fairly straightforward but you haven’t paid him so I would do that first or speak to him or get help from a third party. Maybe he would also like a roof over his head?

This is a lesson for business owners - don’t set up a limited company which you can’t afford to run.

And for accountants, don’t do any work until you have been paid in full.

In your defence I hope I know all my clients well enough that they would call me about such a situation and we would stop the Director salary (and any further work).

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
11th Feb 2019 15:19

I wonder if your accountant has got a monthly payroll running in the background, so is auto-filing the £833/month (which incidentally is an odd amount to pay as you end up with a tax bill)

I can certainly sympathise if you have not paid their bill as no-one works for free, but you ought to instruct them to change it to nil.

I would echo the comment about about calling them to grovel etc rather than emails.

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