Negative tax calc reviews on google

How is everyone else finding it?

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Tax Calc has got around 4 x 1 star reviews on google in the last 2 weeks. They haven't responded to any of these reviews which is a bit worrying given that it is nearly deadline time for the 31/03/2019 year ends!

How is everyone else finding them?

Are there lots of hidden fees to pay and huge price rises after the first year? Is their customer service any good?

How is BTC and Tax Filer in comparison?

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paddle steamer
21st Dec 2019 18:30

I found /find TaxCalc fine but as am no longer in practice my use of it now is somewhat limited/restricted , so there could be Gremlins in places/parts I am less likely to use, but no real concerns with it- does what it says on the label, very intuitive (apart from editing out my firm details recently- I had to call them for that) and will be using it next month re various employer tax returns.

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By mumpin
21st Dec 2019 19:50

I've been using Taxcalc for over 10 years and I'm fairly happy with the product.
Tax return software is great.
Accounts production is maybe a bit clunky but accounts look better than VT.
Cloud product is good and pretty reliable.
The trouble is that not many serious users can compare 3 different products and rank them.
You throw your lot in with one software house and that's it!

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By FirstTab
22nd Dec 2019 09:15

I am very happy with the following products: Accs, tax and Co Sec. We have their cloud back up as well. This makes it very convenient.

Prac Management Plus needs a lot of work. It is nowhere a PM system yet. They will work on this to make improvements.

Customer support excellent, no hidden fees or price hikes.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
22nd Dec 2019 15:53

No idea where the 1 star reviews come from - I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to anyone with a bad word to say about TaxCalc.

A/s & tax are excellent. CoSec needs some work, but we use InformDirect for that. Time recording & PM are both v new, we’ve not used them.

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By penelope pitstop
22nd Dec 2019 17:55

Go for Taxcalc. You will damage nothing by doing so.

No real problems with tax returns. Good safety net if you make mistakes.

There is no real alternative to Taxcalc that I can see for a small practice. Not for the time being anyway.

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By Maslins
23rd Dec 2019 17:08

We've been using Taxcalc for approaching a decade now. Am happy with it.

Does irritate that they seem to be constantly bombarding us with info about addons for extra fees. Some of which I feel should be a part of the basic offering.

They do seem to be drifting towards an Iris model, of doing everything (not always well) and charging you the earth for doing so. We just stick with their basics.

Had a quick skim of those recent reviews, assuming they're all genuine, does seem like unfortunately some people were hit with a big issue and customer service poor to rectify. We haven't had any such problems.

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By marks
23rd Dec 2019 22:25

We have been using Taxcalc for 18 months having previously been with IRIS.

Taxcalc is much better than IRIS and is cheaper. More intuitive to use and can have multiple clients and years open in each module at any time. Only downside is doesnt have a charities module but we only have a couple and looking to see what else we can use for them.

We just use Taxcalc for accounts, tax (corporate and personal), automail letters.

We use other software for other things eg inform direct for co sec, glide for job workflow/time recording/automated emails and text chasing info.

I know that taxcalc has recently introduced workflow and time recording but not looked at either and if was going to switch would probably move to something like Senta that as well as doing job workflow can do other things such as client portal, save documents against client, electronic signature etc.

On the odd occasion had to use support in the last 18 months (probably used just a few times) it has been excellent.

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By SXGuy
24th Dec 2019 07:33

Going from rip off IRIS / Keytime to taxcalc was the best move I made in years.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
24th Dec 2019 11:09

I have used Taxcalc for maybe 3 years now and very happy with it although I do share same views as Maslins in that some add ons should be part of the core offering like e signing etc.

I have always found Tech Support to be spot on though with a quick response that fixes any issues I have, which to TBH are few and far between.

I think Taxcalc is a great alternative to the big players like Iris,Sage & Digita without the price tag, the unlimited version is great as I got fed up with that ladder pricing that Digita had.

Not sure those reviews are genuine mind, and I would listen to advice of users on a forum like this rather than google reviews

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By SouthCoastAcc
24th Dec 2019 12:05

I want to move to taxcalc but have a couple of concerns.

1. It's not cloud, which is a downside for me. Cloud connect is a compromise and costs extra!
2. Talking of extras, if you start "specing" it up it becomes expensive for a small firm.

As another poster said, it would be good if they did a true small practice package. I think I'm too small for taxcalc at the moment.

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