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NEST - incorrect start date in Workers Group

How to show a postponement in NEST for a Workers Group with the wrong start date

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A client, which is a new employer, elected to postpone auto-enrolment by two months - i.e postpone for May and June 2019 and start AE from 1 July. I set up NEST for them and set up a workers group within NEST. However, when I set the group up I set it up for the first month of contributions being June and not July. NEST is now looking for payment for the period ending 30 June. But there were no contributions during this period. 

I can't post zero contributions because there is not a 'postponement' reason when it asks for a reason why there are zero contributions. I don't want to delete the group as I doubt that this will simply stop the payment requests. If I set up a new group now, it will look for payment for August only and not July.

Any ideas what to do?

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By HuntFord
08th Aug 2019 16:03

Ok, so have you set up employees with enrolled dates? If so, they should be dated for when they actually are enrolled on the payroll, not before.

If you've got a schedule with employees on it, (this can be accessed by going into that schedule and clicking the "Enter new information" option) but no pay (because they've been put on before you actually enrolled them in the payroll) then you can go into each employee and change the reason for reduced contributions as "Member has insufficient earnings".

Once you've done that for everyone you can then pay the £0 schedule.

The issue you may have is that their opt-out window will run from the date you put them on, so if you've entered them for the wrong period it will start earlier than intended

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By Moonbeam
08th Aug 2019 17:01

I think it would be worth calling Nest about this. I suspect many others have made the same mistake and they may have to do some hanky panky behind the scenes.

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By exceljockey
09th Aug 2019 11:39

Just as a follow-up - I spoke to NEST and they said I was to use the 'Insufficient earnings' reason for zero contributions due.

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