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Not receiving the passcode to log in

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Anyone else having trouble logging into NEST today (as employer/agent)?

They've been telling us for ages that they were moving to 2-step verification and the first time it was

needed, earlier this month, it worked just fine.

But today the email with the passcode simply isn't arriving.  I've checked that my emails are getting through

to me, which they are, and NEST have the correct email address because it worked the first time.

The trouble is, it's only valid for 10 minutes so I am timed out.

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By zxcvb
18th Apr 2024 17:10

Just tested (18/04/24 - 17:10) - email and text method working fine and came through almost instantly

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By Barbara G
19th Apr 2024 11:25

Just a shot in the dark, but is there a possibility your internet connection is slow?

That sort of thing has happened to me when I work from home, (which is out in the sticks) in that the emails arrive after after the 10 minutes has timed out.

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Replying to Barbara G:
By WhiteRose
19th Apr 2024 14:02

Yes, out in the sticks as well and yes, slow internet but don't have issues with other sites that send out verification emails.
Anyway thankfully it's working today!

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By raju m
25th Apr 2024 09:40

I have been having the same problems for 3 weeks. Many Pension Returns are now outstanding. Total nightmare. Raj Mehta

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30th Apr 2024 08:55

Same here. It worked last week but not now. Ususal hopeless help from NEST. Talking as though you are an idiot. I have used the same log in ever since we had to use NEST. It has now been escalated somewhere but I am not hopeful of a response at all. Ive cleared cookioes/changed browser/tried it on an iphone and ipad.

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paddle steamer
30th Apr 2024 09:42

I had this the other week after we moved to NEST( my employment was transferred under TUPE and PEOPLES wanted £500 to register (which I was not paying as only 2 more years then pension scheme not needed, other than this would have stayed with PEOPLES)

The helpline solution was to check the alternative e mail given on registering, sure enough the e mail was there but not in my main work e mail.

This is obviously a NEST issue they need to resolve.

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paddle steamer
30th Apr 2024 13:27

Just to say today second e mail address was not a cure, it seemed to take circa 2 attempts to get code (I logged in circa 4 times today trying to sort first csv submission)- not an intuitive site, Nest, stuff buried like source codes etc.

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