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Nested functions in Excel?

Nested functions in Excel?

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All I need to do is compare debit and credit columns from client TB to debit and credit columns from our AP software to generate columns 5 and 6 which are the adjustments for the client - you know the sort of thing.

Having got on my high horse recently and told our team off for using Excel as a WP tool instead of using formulae, I find that I'm struggling with this one! I suspect nested functions are involved, but my brain is too small to cope. The problem is that a debit could arise from an increasing debit, a decreasing credit or a credit becoming a debit!

Can anyone help?

Chris Martin

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By sarahbolsover
04th Feb 2004 11:03

use if statements
Suggest you create a 5th colum, which can then be hidden, which works out the differance between the TB and your version. then your adjustment columns work on:
If(column5>0, " ",column 5)for your debit adjustment, and
if (column5<0," ", -column5)for your credit adjustment

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By ACDWebb
04th Feb 2004 18:13

How about MIN & MAX functions
with 0 as one of the options


=MIN(0,ColA-ColB) will give 0 if A>B or A-B if not.


=MAX(0,ColA-ColB) will give A-B if A>B or 0 if not.

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