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Networking tips

AWEB Live Expo is a great chance to network, but what if you're feeling a little rusty?

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AccountingWEB Live Expo is next week on 1 - 2 December at Coventry Building Society Arena (Register here for your FREE ticket). Not only is there over 60 sessions on everything from tax updates to dealing with demanding clients, but it is also a chance to get back out there and network again. But after a couple of years on Zoom meetings, it's understandable if you're feeling a little rusty.  

As someone that often pretends to have a super important text message that needs my immediate attention when feeling socially awkward, I could do with some tips too!

So, what techniques have you used to break the ice or spark a conversation at networking events? How do you make the most of the contacts you make at the event? 

I'll start things off with a couple of tips: 

  1. The coffee line is usually a great place to strike up a conversation. But perhaps avoid those with their laptops out in front of them. 
  2. Perhaps wear a badge with your AWEB name. It'll certaintly break the ice and start a few conversations. 

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By Charlie Carne
23rd Nov 2021 10:27

Don't worry, Richard. If I see you looking socially awkward in a coffee queue, I shall stop and say hi.

Incidentally, an actuary once told me that his profession is even more awkward. Unlike accountants who stare at your shoes when talking to you, actuaries are only capable of staring at their own shoes.

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