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Are networks good value for money?

Do you think AVN have priced themselves out of the market?

If you are a network member what makes you stay and what are the best bits?

What would you like to see or have that your network doesn't offer you?

If your not in a network what would motivate you to join?

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By jndavs
29th Jan 2013 11:15


Googled it - Adult Video News.

The best bits - May have to do extensive research before I can form an opinion

Not a member. Value for money? Don't know.

What do the offer? I think it may be education.

Motivation to join? well............

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By pauljohnston
29th Jan 2013 11:37

2020 Group

Like many I have been a member for many years.  I cant comment on other networks but I am very satisfied

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Nigel Harris
By Nigel Harris
29th Jan 2013 14:09

Been there, joined most of them

 ... and got a lot out of them. Yes, AVN is expensive, but then they provide an awful lot of software tools, training, support and consultancy. You have to commit to using them or you'll just be wasting your money, but members who embrace it all do seem to get a lot out of them.

2020 is a cheaper option, get you some basic software plus fee or reduced price training and conferences. But again, if you never use any of their services it's going to look like poor value for money, whatever it costs!

Both 2020 and AVN offer free or cheap events you can visit as a non-member so you can size them up, I suggest you check out their websites and try them.

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Heather Townsend - accountant's coach
By Heather Townsend
29th Jan 2013 19:18

You get out what you put in
AVN et al can work very well for you if you join. However, paying your money doesn't guarantee results. Taking action and using the tools provided by the network will help you get success.

Remember that AVN is not particularly expensive when you consider it against the cost of working with an Action Coach.

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By North East Accountant
30th Jan 2013 08:36

How much?

How much are 2020 and AVN nowadays?


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By jimacca
30th Jan 2013 15:16

UK200 Group

My firm, Abbott Moore LLP, is a member of UK200 Group.  For me it gives the right mix of support, peer group mutuality, benchmarking, access to international help and independence.  There is a quality benchmark to maintain which is reviewed annually by an independent reviewer  but that in itself is a benefit.  They accept lawyers too which gives another perspective.  Stonking annual conference as well! As with everything and I think what Heather was hinting at this point too, you don't just pay your fee and expect results - you get out what you put in.

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