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New Business - Registered Address Help!

How do I get a professional address and receive clients mail?

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I am in the process of setting up a new limited accountancy services business and like many, am reluctant to use my home address as the registered address.

I've been around a few offices and 'shared spaces' to scope out whats around and the virtual mailbox option seems a sensible route for the time being - my question is therefore, if I register as an agent with HMRC for my clients, does post get sent to my registered address, and if so, what will the envelope say? So say, I'm ABC Ltd acting for client XYZ Ltd - will post be addressed to myself, ABC Ltd, or to my client, XYZ Ltd.

You probably see where I'm going with this - 'shared spaces' and 'virtual addresses' are great, as long as the post is addressed to my company. If its addressed to my clients, it makes it awkward at best, some offices have said they would have they would have to set up a whole new virtual address for my clients for it to work i.e. £50+ per month!

One thing I don't intend doing is allowing my clients to use my 'office' as their companies registered address - I know this will cause problems. Its just the how it works as an agent that I'm interested in.

Thanks for your help in advance.



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14th Mar 2019 17:46

Pretty sure all HMRC client correspondence is addressed to an agent's registered firm name.

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14th Mar 2019 18:11

Yes - all to your company's name and operations such as Regus offer this service.

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By Matrix
14th Mar 2019 19:41

Agents post is addressed to the agent so will come to you at your address.

There are plenty of registered office addresses for clients to use although some of the post is quite slow. I would charge more if I offered a registered office service which I don’t since I also work from home.

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14th Mar 2019 21:35

Thanks for your help - Matrix, out of interest do you also have a virtual address and if not, do you see any commercial impact from openly being home-based?

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to nick2404
15th Mar 2019 10:36

Using my home address has never bothered me. Nor have I seen any downside.

However, you do have to accept that, if you work from home, you're probably not going to grow much as there'll be a limit to the staff you can accommodate.

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