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New client on old gateway, auto link to MTD?

Does getting authorisation of a new VAT client on the old gateway link them to my agent services?

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I have a new client. They don't think they're registered for MTD yet, meaning I can still file their return on the old gateway. I have authorisation on the old gateway, and my agent services account is already linked to my old gateway.

Will adding a new client to the old gateway automatically link them to my new agent services account (a list on the agent services account might have been a good idea). If not, do I need to follow the ask a client to authorise you link to get new authorisation? 

Moving forward; If I get a new client do I need to get VAT authorisation on the old gateway, or is this all done on the new agent services account? How am I supposed to know if I have authorisation without a client list? 




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17th Apr 2019 11:14

You have a client list on both the old system and the new system. Under the old system the list is on the HMRC website, under the new system it's in your MTD compatible software. If you have software that doesn't give you a client list then you've perhaps chosen bad software.

Authorisation for each client should be once and once only, you can authorise via either system, the link should mean they wind up on both.

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18th Apr 2019 05:19

The link in the ASA to bring in client authorisations from your old government gateway (GG) is described by hmrc as a "dynamic link ", as it does constantly update the mtd client authorisations with new authorisations done on the old government gateway.

In fact I would recommend only using the old GG for authorisations presently, as I've discovered the new mtd authorisation system has problems... surprise surprise!

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By AJ1
22nd Apr 2019 20:19


The short answer is yes, as your listed clients on the old gateway are authorised & linked to your new ASA there is no need to request authorisation again.

You can for the time being continue to obtain client authorisation via the old gateway until such time as the old gateway will be closed by hmrc which probably wont be for a couple of years, thereafter you obtain authority via the new ASA, you send an authorisation link to the client who either accepts or rejects which is notified by email to the agent's registered email address for ASA.

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