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New EMI Options HMRC online system notification

Notified HMRC about new EMI Options granted in May 2015 and January 2017 through the online system.

We notified HMRC through the online system re some new EMI options in May 2015 and January 2017. We can't see a summary of the options on the online system. So I wrote to HMRC asking them for a statement of all the options granted and lapsed. When they replied they only listed the ones submitted by the old paper returns and not any submitted online. So I have replied with submission reference numbers dates and timestamps etc. So I am awaiting their response. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm concerned about potential tax implications on excercise if these have been lost in the system.


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By Ruddles
20th Nov 2017 22:18

HMRC, as far as I know, keep no record of the particulars of the options. The clue is in the name - all it is is a notification. The relevant details will be on the option grant notice itself - we also file all notifications using a template even for single grants, which allows us to keep electronic copies.

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