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New form VAT 1614A

New form VAT 1614A

Anyone tried to complete the new form 1614A online, and email it to client for signature?

I've tried, and the PDF is being caught by our spam/phishing filters. I am told by our IT guys that this is because the document contains hot links to HMRC's website, and that website is on the software's list of dodgy sites.

There are of course simple workarounds (eg print and scan the completed form as a straightforward PDF) so just a heads-up to anyone that is thinking of using the form.


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11th Dec 2012 12:05

i thought that you couldnt save certain HMRC forms

an that they had to be printed out but wouldnt pdf

i sort of got round that by using microsoft xps writer 

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By Ruddles
11th Dec 2012 12:12

That may well be the case

With "certain" HMRC forms. But I don't see what that has to do with my point about the 1614A.

"Please fill out the following form. You can save data typed into this form."


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11th Dec 2012 12:22


which end is it being caught at , use live/outlook account to send and receive such mails perhaps there is more than one way to skin a cat

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By Ruddles
11th Dec 2012 12:42

Both ends

Won't get past our outgoing mail filter, and if I try to send it via webmail it gets blocked by recipient's filter. Simplest solution is as above - print and scan as a normal PDF.

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11th Dec 2012 15:40


Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but...

The PDF that you 'save' (the mad one with the live links, if I save it and then so much as hover my mouse over the file, it crashes my explorer...) and the file you print are 2 very different documents (albeit, containing the same information). 

It wouldn't suprise me if HMRC only accepted the 'real' one as acceptable for online submission.


Oh, to add: I have been printing the summary (to PDF) and sending that to the client to sign and return, then submitting the 'real' PDF that HMRC provide.


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