New ICAEW logo

New ICAEW logo

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Is anyone else annoyed with ICAEW about the new logo?

I`m cross for three reasons:
1. Why is the logo being changed again, it wasn`t that many years ago when the new Economia brand was introduced and we had to change all our stationery & marketing.
2. It is such an awful design - a completely different shape from before so all existing stationery has to be redesigned and it also doesn`t match the style of any other institute badges such as CIOT. It`s a backward step towards what we had before Economia change. I was proud of the logo but now I`m ashamed to be associated with such poor design. ICAEW helpline just said `well just leave it off then` - but I didn`t spend three years doing the exams not to use the qualification in my marketing so that really isn`t the answer.
3. Where was the consultation? I certainly missed it and only just noticed about the new logo, days before all my new marketing went to print (although I wish I hadn`t seen it as then I`d have been in blissful ignorance - until my next PA visit!)

Any thoughts welcomed and I`ll pass onto ICAEW (for all the good it`ll do as members helpline said that they would take it into consideration next time but not sure I want to encourage another change!!).

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By Steve McQueen
10th Sep 2012 19:39

Can you post a link... the new logo please.


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Replying to Portia Nina Levin:
Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
13th Sep 2012 08:25

Logo's you may find that potential clients like it .


I actually like it,   What is important is, it says Chartered Accountants.   Re comments about the Olympic Logo been the same people .  I seem to remember Mandeville & Wenlock and the Logo been slanged off in great detail.  I must admit I did not get the mascots until by son and his friends were talking about them like individuals.

Every Kid in the UK knew who they were.   In fact the only thing wrong was they did not know how popular they were and  a lot of children were not allowed to see them ,  They changed that for the Paralympics.    My son made me wait 3 hours to get a picture of Wenlock in Glasgow and we now have a collection of about 10 with him doing different sports.   I know I am mad but we all kids once.   I also liked  The London 2012 Olympics Logo.   I am Irish and UK did an amazing job with the Olympics and even better with the Paralympics.

Image can change a lot of people.  This year I have been to London 5 times with my son as he loves it.   I have always liked London but it is a very long time since I heard loads of people saying they wanted to go and they  are now going on trips again  to London.  

All I am trying to say.  Keep an open mind .  You maybe right that loads of accountants may not like it because it is not traditional. You are not advertising to other accountants but future and present clients.   However from a clients point of view and your advertising they might find it friendlier .  That was the first thing I noticed that is was less stuffy. 



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By occca
10th Sep 2012 21:16

Can't see it

That page is only for members

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Jessica Pillow
By Jessica Pillow
10th Sep 2012 21:24

(No subject)

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By Cloudcounter
10th Sep 2012 21:40

It's the same as the "economia"

logo seen on the ICAEW home page, with  a red rectangle to the left (one trendy curved corner) with white lettering:  ICAEW CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS.

It's down to the normal standard of institute logos.  They have been universally garbage for decades and I'd never even contemplate putting one on my stationery.  Who sees a figure apparently clad as a Greek goddess with a pair of dividers in one hand and a stick in the other as being remotely indicative of a modern anything completely eludes me.

Utter garbage.


Edit - and no I'm not annoyed about the new logo.

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By George Attazder
10th Sep 2012 21:59

Define "new"?

Apparently the 2011 Finance Act  has also received Royal Assent.

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By Midlands Accountancy
10th Sep 2012 22:45

Does my [***] look big in this ?


The figure really should have the legend - "does my [***] look big in this?"  underneath it.

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By bernard michael
11th Sep 2012 09:32

Or alternatively "is this a

Or alternatively "is this a dagger I see before me"


Divide and conquer while I stab you in the back for leering at my chest

Once again marketing b*llocks has been allowed to intrude into what used to be an august institution. They people who thought this up weree probably the ones that designed the Olympic logo

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By thomas34
11th Sep 2012 09:43


to see the Institute are still spending your subs wisely.


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By Tonykelly
11th Sep 2012 10:36

may not be a problem

not a great logo, as the little drawing on the right hand side looks a little violent, with all the daggers and spears going on.

Also it looks like part of her chest is missing, where normally you might expect to see the top of her breast, all you can see is a big hole.

Maybe she is chasing after the person who inflicted this damage.

I might have got hold of the wrong end of the stick, and it might just be a woman doing her gardening and she is struggling to hold all her implements etc.

Anyway, it may not be a problem, as they might have a new logo again in 6 months. Best plan is to leave it off your stationery and wait till they come up with one you like.




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By Moonbeam
11th Sep 2012 12:04

Looks as if institute offering bondage type services

Idea of a woman is so claptrap anyway - it makes me think of the way shipping is referred to as "she", bearing in the mind the way women have been viewed as second class citizens for centuries.

As has been said, accountancy institutes are absolutely hopeless at this sort of thing. Take the AAT - their 1970's style font is so awful and so large it looks ridiculous on any sort of letterhead/website.


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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Sep 2012 09:28

Oddly enough whilst looking for things for our new website I was pleased to see they had now available a more "web friendly" version than the old one which was a pain to get in due to the rotation of it.

ICAEW website uses both the old and the new, so I think its up to you which version you chose.

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Replying to FoxAccountancyServices:
Jessica Pillow
By Jessica Pillow
12th Sep 2012 22:55

Which is the web friendly one

Which is the web friendly one as when I spoke to the members helpline this week, they said we had to use this one and couldn't use the old one anymore?  I have sent them an email showing the two logos so hopefully if I have got it wrong, they will come back and tell me that I was worrying over nothing and that I don't need to change the logos on my publicity!

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By Midlands Accountancy
13th Sep 2012 00:03

Well someone had to redesign it.

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By MarionMorrison
13th Sep 2012 09:39

I prefer yours Midlands

Clearly this is going to improve quality standards amongst qualified accountants.  

Every day, in every way, I feel more glad to be a cowboy.

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By laurastathamlee
27th Dec 2012 09:41


I must say that the new logo was changed due to changing micro and macro environment and it was for sure needed.


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