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Good afternoon. 


My employers are considering buying in a new system to do accounts, payroll, HR, timesheets, expenses, rota management and potentially a few other things too. 


We’re a multi-site charity with around 400 staff, many of whom are working out and about delivering support and rarely come into the office. 

This will hopefully enable us to work more efficiently with staff updating records on the go from a smartphone or tablet, and will also replace some of the manual and paper-based systems we currently have in place. 


We’re using consultants to draw up the specification and support us through the process, and they have shortlisted 3 providers to come in a present their offerings.  I’m wondering whether you or your clients have any experience of the following: 


 - OLM 

 - TechnologyOne 

 - Access 


All feedback welcome! 


Many thanks


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10th Dec 2018 18:34

Access accounts used to have a good reputation, but I think you should look at a cloud offering if possible. As for seamless integration, there aren't very many good quality payroll providers out there, and it would be better to use a separate payroll provider with a good name. I would recommend Brightpay (they have a cloud option for circulating employee data).

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11th Dec 2018 07:19

Unless you are a very rich charity and have a large amount of transactions then they sound a bit like overkill to me.

The software landscape has changed hugely over the last few years and the range of SaaS offerings is massive.

I'd suggest you look at maybe a cloud offering that will link into other SaaS specialist software. For instance People HR for HR management, Rotacloud for timesheets and rotas etc.

You often find that the SaaS type stuff is very focused and does what it does very well whereas the older style software tries to do everything and ends up doing it all poorly.

What the cloud does really well is integration and you find that a lot of these companies, if they don't have an API for your particular need will develop one for free.

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15th Dec 2018 21:44

Only have a little exposure to Access who do have a cloud SaaS offering. They prefer you to use Chrome which is not really and issue but if you have a lot of employees you need to standardise the rollout of the platform. You could also look at SAP B1 which can provide the elements you have mentioned. You could also look at using a provider that can provide the infrastructure to support your chosen software. Doing that provides greater flexibility and options for the software. You are going to need to consider things like security of end points and the connectivity.

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06th Feb 2019 17:43

Hope I'm not too late!
OLM appears to be quite specific which is fine if your organisation fits into their market areas.
Access are well represented in the charity sector so should be on your list. TechnologyOne I have no knowledge of.
PS Financials would be another one worth a look at.

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