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New kind of scam?

Client received fake phone call from 'HMRC' minutes after I filed accounts

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I have a strange situation where I filed a set of accounts for a client and whilst I was preparing to submit the tax return the client emailed me to say they had a phone call from HMRC saying that they are being a victm of tax fraud. It was a robot speaking not a real person. 

The number being very similar to an HMRC one - 0300 200 3737 but I can not find any record of it being an official HMRC number. 

Is it possible that in some way there are bots that pick up when accounts get filed to CoHo and automate phone calls to the numbers associated with them?

Or is it just a scary coincidence? Anybody ever experienced similar?


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By Tim Vane
17th May 2019 12:37

Good old fashioned number cloning probably. I suspect the timing was just a coincidence. Your client did the right thing by calling you and not getting sucked in.

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By paul.benny
17th May 2019 15:54

Agree. It would take much more effort for a would-be scammer to generate phone calls in response to accounts submission than merely auto-dialling from a list of companies.

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By SXGuy
17th May 2019 16:55


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