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what are HMRC doing with SA400/1

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I am currently on hold with HMRC about the third (different parterships) set of SA400/1 that were sent in May & June that HMRC say they do not have & I must send again, by the way 8 month wait to get partnership UTR!

Where do the SA400/1 go when you send them in?


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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
14th Sep 2021 10:03

in the bin along with everything else.

I just had to complain about two complaints I made 3 months ago which have been ignored.

They used to address complaints within a matter of 2-3 weeks.

I genuinely think HMRC have just binned anything that went in prior to about 1st June and is still unprocessed.

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By Cazzie B
14th Sep 2021 10:53

Same issue here submitted in April, chased and told to fill in another form
Client chased and was told to fill in another form
I need to submit the VAT and I don't have a UTR
I have now raised an AAMIssue

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Replying to Cazzie B:
By bettybobbymeggie
14th Sep 2021 11:26

FWIW you won't necessarily need a partnership UTR to register the partnership for VAT - I'm pretty sure I used the UTR of one of the partners.

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By Eddystone
09th Oct 2021 12:26

Ah, so I'm not alone then. So far this year have sent in 4 sets of 400/401s for new partnerships, 2 were sent recorded delivery, and so far only one has resulted in a UTR. The idiotic thing is that we as agents have to use paper forms which seem to just get binned.

These are quite time consuming and if we have to do them again, and maybe a third time as Cazzie says, HMRC should pay, ha ha !

I've written about these others but don't expect a reply, so am thinking the best way forward is to do them on line from the clients' computers, or using their log-in details if possible.

Some months ago I aired on here the matter of reduced rate VAT for static caravan parks; the subsequent correspondence being inconclusive, I drafted a letter for the clients to send to HMRC's query address, which I think was in Edinburgh. A reply would be given in 14 days, still waiting 6 months later......

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