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New PAYE scheme after ongoing issues with current?

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I have a client who has had and is consistently having issues with his PAYE scheme and after repeatedly corresponding with HMRC, we cannot find where the issue is coming from. He is basically receiving PAYE underpayment letters, however, every month, he pays the exact amount that's instructed by us but for some reason, the figures keep changing. My last resort is basically to cease his current scheme and process as of the 6th October via the new one. I'm aware that a mid year transition is optimistic... Has anyone done this before? Tia.

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By Paul Crowley
06th Oct 2020 11:51

No, do not think there is any such option.
Prior threads on PAYE allocations. HMRC make a mess of it

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Danielle AB3
06th Oct 2020 12:06

Unfortunately, it isn't an option which I've discovered, having spoken to HMRC again this morning - they are claiming they've gotten to the root of the problem and have assured me the dispute is now being passed to their specialist team...I won't hold my breath though!

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By Wanderer
06th Oct 2020 19:01

Almost definitely HMRC have double counted an employee into the totals.

Took me ages and different calculations & permutations to work out what they do.

Have a look at the client's PAYE account for a month that's out, say August. Extrapolate the differences between HMRC's figures, Tax, EE NI and ER NI to the correct figures per your FPS.

Look back at JULY's (possibly cumulative) figures for each employee. Almost definitely that will be the difference in the August figures. As a hint look at employees who have joined in the tax year first.

Once you have done all that, (to satisfy yourself of the correctness of your FPSs), tell HMRC it's their duplicated employee glitch in their system. If they still resist tell them you require it to be referred to the disputed charges team.

RESIST ALL SUGGESTIONS BY HMRC THAT YOUR FPSs were wrong, DO NOT revise your FPSs if they were correct.

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