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New payroll schemes delay ?

Anyone else experiencing long delays receiving PAYE refs ?

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In April and May we set up payroll schemes for two new clients using the online system. We had email acknowledgements for both with application references but since, nothing. The clients both say they have heard nothing. I sat on the phone on hold for over an hour yesterday with the employers helpline before giving up and webcat is never free.

Is anyone else experiencing such delays ? I know it's not our problem but clients are always suspicious that we have done something wrong and if this is a general issue I will feel happier.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
28th May 2020 15:35

yup, gone one set up weeks ago and heard nothing.

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By coops456
28th May 2020 16:05

Yes, we applied for new schemes on 29/4 and 4/5, still waiting for the references.

I guess with HMRC performing miracles on CJRS and SEISS, a slowdown in normal processes is only to be expected.

All we can do is keep the client informed and ensure they are aware that any PAYE for April must be paid as soon as the references are received.

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By Sinclair_Scotchmere
28th May 2020 16:12

Yes, similar here. Haven't tried to call though as assumed would be futile.

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By jules66
29th May 2020 09:03

I rang yesterday, 8am and got through after a short wait..we set one up 2 weeks ago and was told it would be 8th July.

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By Wieslaw
29th May 2020 10:31

We had a similar situation from April. We set up online, got the standard reply, but nothing after confirming. Impossible to speak with anyone so tried web-chat and adviser said not yet processed, but then...set it up immediately and provided the references in the web-chat (we set 2 clients up) and within a week client received a letter confirming. We also filed after 72 hours. You can also save the web-chat for your records. Hope that helps :-)

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