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New Process for client authority PAYE / CJRS

Which code / ID to use for client initiated PAYE authority to Act as agent

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The ICAEW released some detail that clients can initiate a PAYE agent authority that was instant rather than waiting for activation codes to come through so we can assist clients who were doing their own payroll.  Followed the steps and

My client has tried using my PAYE agent code - this failed 

Then my Govt gateway ID - this failed 

Surname-Govt gateway ID - this failed 

The error message displayed says enter for example "Smith-1234567891234"

Has anyone had any luck with this one?


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By Wanderer
24th Apr 2020 14:44

It's none of those you've quoted, it's one rarely used, e.g ours is in the format
The second part is similar to but isn't the same as your PAYE user ID, e.g. our PAYE user ID is almost the same save one number and one letter is different.
Got it many moons ago and all I've marked it as is 'FBI'.
I think it may be somewhere within your HMRC account if you log on with your PAYE user ID.

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By SXGuy
24th Apr 2020 14:48

I think what they need is your government gateway identifier code.

Log in to your hmrc account. Click on authorise client. Then to the right you will see your identifier code. It looks like COMPANYNAME- followed by numbers and letters

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By Nicole L
24th Apr 2020 15:47

Thanks - The tech name for it is the Government Gateway Agent identifier - and yes a very random one!

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